The Birthday Child receives...
-A reusable, battery-powered glow headband, "lightsaber", or ring!
-A free admission pass for use at a future skating session
-A birthday shout-out on the microphone

All of the Kids receive...
-Use of reserved blacklight table space for 2.5 hours!
-Party Favors! Hosts choose candy-filled treat bags with a BOGO         pass to take home OR a battery-powered glowing party favor          for each child to to skate with! (Or add $2 per child and do BOTH!)
-Skates! Their choice of skate rental-- roller skates OR rollerblades!
-Food! A slice of pepperoni pizza OR a hot dog (host's choice)
-Drinks! A variety of soft drinks served from glowing pitchers

The Party Hosts receive...
-Party Invitations (Pick them at the rink or print from home!)
-Matching Print-From-Home "Thank Yous" (choose your style!)
-Paper plates, forks, napkins, and hand sanitizer for all
-Birthday candles and matches
-Permission to bring a cake/cupcakes into the rink
     (NO OTHER FOOD OR DRINKS may be brought into the rink.
Additional food and drinks may be purchased at the snackbar.)

$12.99 Per Child / Minimum of 10

Call 724-537-8541 to schedule your 2.5 hour party!

BLACKLIGHT PARTY START TIMES (During Public Skating Sessions)
Friday Family Night -- 7pm
Saturday Afternoon or Dinnertime -- 2pm, 3pm, 5pm, or 6pm
Sunday Lunchtime or Afternoon -- Noon or 3pm
"You bring the cake and guests;
we'll supply the rest!"
Please call the Latrobe Skating Center
at 724-537-8541 
to schedule your special day!
Interested in booking
a private party?

We have several VERY affordable options for private birthday parties, reunions, sports banquets, schools, scouts, churches
and more!

Rates start at $250.

Call 724-537-8541; we'll go over the details and options!

Private parties are typically scheduled:
Sun-Thu 6-8:30pm
Saturday 11am-1:30pm

Make your party unique!
       Choose from these add-ons!       

-Ready-To-Party Hospitality Package (+$10)
Are your guests coming hungry? With the Hospitality Package, drinks and a shareable appetizer will be delivered to your party table right from the start! You'll get a pitcher of Pepsi and a NEW Nacho Mama Party Platter for your guests to munch on. Each platter weighs in at about half a pound and includes yellow corn tortilla chips, Gehl's nacho cheese, Ortega salsa, Frank's Red Hot, and jalepenos! Expecting a crowd? Add additional drink pitchers or party platters for $5/each!

-16oz Siberian Chill Rainbow Slushies (+$2.50/ea)
The COOLEST new add-on for parties! We'll write each child's name on their slushie's lid, and once they drink the juice out of the slushie, they can "recharge" it with the soft drinks served with your party! Kids love the crazy rainbow layers! 

-Awesome Candy-Packed Treat Bags (+$2.00 per guest)
Save time & money with our party favors! Why make them at home and worry about having enough? Our treats are full of popular brand-name candy (like Ringpops, Skittles,  and Sour Patch Kids!) PLUS a pass to come skating again-- a $7.00 value for only $2.00! 

-Reusable Battery-Powered Light-Up Toys (+$2.00 per guest)
SAVE 33% off our regular price when you buy a round of flashing toys for your guests!
We have a fun assortment of wands, necklaces, headbands, bracelets and more!

-Icee Freeze Stick-Free Popsicles (+$1.00 each)
Take a break to chill out! A great party upgrade for only a dollar per child.

-$10 OFF Every Pair of New Skates!
Have a skating party and get discounts on EVERY PAIR of skates in our catalog!  We keep approximately 200 pairs of skates IN STOCK year round!  Confused about what to buy?  Give us a call!  We're happy to help you pick out a great pair of skates even if 
you're buying them from another retailer! We want you and your family to love skating!  
Our #1 Tip: DO NOT buy skates with hard plastic (or PVC) wheels.
They don't grip the floor!  Skates with rubber wheels cost the same but 
work a million times better!  Ask any employee for a demonstration.
-You may bring a cake (or cupcakes/cookie cake/donut cake) for your scheduled party.
    During a Basic Blacklight Party, you are in charge of singing "Happy Birthday" and
    cutting/serving your own cake. During a Private Party, we'll handle the song and cake!
    No other food or drinks can be brought into the Skating Center.
    Additional food, snacks and drinks are available in our Snack Bar.

-You are welcome to bring your own treat bags, but please wait until the end of the
    party (when the kids' skates are OFF!) to pass them out.

-If you do NOT have a party package reservation, you will NOT be permitted to bring 
    cake (or any other outside food or drinks) into the Skating Center.
Two and a half hours of FUN during any regular public session.
NO waivers, NO deposits, NO headaches, NO cleanup! :D

              Phone: 724-537-8541    GPS: 2914 Ligonier Street, Latrobe, PA