This webpage is an overview of some of the products available for sale by the Latrobe Skating Center.
Full-color skate catalogs are available in the skating rink.
For information on ordering products, contact the Latrobe Skating Center at 724-537-8541.
6% PA Sales Tax will be added to all orders.  The Latrobe Skating Center reserves the right to cancel orders for products that are listed with incorrect prices or product specifications due to typographical error, error in materials provided by suppliers, manufacturer design changes, etc.  Products may be changed by their manufacturers without the knowledge of the Latrobe Skating Center or its suppliers.  For more information about this sale and its terms and limitations, contact the Latrobe Skating Center.  The Latrobe Skating Center reserves the right to end sale offers and offers of free shipping at any time.  Orders that are not picked up in a timely manner will be cancelled and any associated deposits will be forfeited.  For more information on order pick-up, return, and exchange policies, contact the Latrobe Skating Center.
Way better than wrapping paper!
Free Admission Pass
Admission Passes
and Reloadable Gift Cards
These make great gifts!
Prices Vary.
Long GLOWING Laces
Lots of styles to choose from!
You can really make your skates
stand out by picking a color that will glow underneath our blacklights.
Glow PinkGlow Yellow
Glow GreenGlow Orange
Only $5 per pair!
Stretchy Skate Covers
Turn boyish skates bright pink! Make plain skates glow in the blacklight!
These are a great way to convince a little sister to wear her big brother's ugly old skates :)  These fit quad skates of all sizes and most inline skates below size 7.
Glow Pink w/ Metallic Zebra Stripes
Glow Lime w/ Metallic Zebra Stripes
Blue+Purple Swirl Tye Dye
...and lots more!
Only $10 per pair!

See something you like? Call 724-537-8541 and leave your name and number.
Any skates that aren't in stock are usually available in 3-4 weekdays.
YES, you can use these skates indoors AND outdoors!
Our skates have quality wheels - NOT slippery hard plastic wheels!
More styles and sizes than any other local retailer!
Make your skates stand out!
Skate Poms
How do you make a little girl's skates even cuter? Tie on some fuzzy pom poms!  Each of ours comes with a tiny jingle bell attached to the top for added pizazz.
Neon Leopard Stripe (Pink/Purple Mix)
Neon Pink
...and lots more!
Only $5 per pair!
Want to go faster?  We can help you with that.
Each set comes with 16 bearings (enough for one pair of skates).

8mm Bevo Bearings
ABEC-3 ... 
ABEC-5 ... 
ABEC-7 ... 
ABEC-9 ... 
Titanium ... 

8mm BSB Bearings
ABEC-3 ...
ABEC-5 ... 
ABEC-7 ... 
ABEC-9 ... 

Bones Reds Bearings... , 7mm or 8mm
Bones Super Reds Bearings... , 8mm
Qube Black 8-Ball Bearings... , 7 mm or 8mm
BSB Swiss Bearings... , 7mm or 8mm
Qube Gold Swiss Bearings... , 7mm or 8mm
Bones Swiss Bearings... , 7mm or 8mm
BSB Swiss Labrynth-Shield Bearings... , 7mm or 8mm
Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings... , 7mm or 8mm
Bones Ceramic Original Bearings... , 7mm or 8mm

              Phone: 724-537-8541    GPS: 2914 Ligonier Street, Latrobe, PA

Transpack Skate Bag
BEST SELLER! This is our top-quality skate bag. It can be worn as a back pack and has tons of room. Transpack Jr. can accomodate most kid-sized inlines, adult inlines without brakes, and quad roller skates of any size.
Big Transpack can be used to carry bulkier skates, ice skates, and ski boots.
Carry With Handle or Wear as a Backpack
Vented Outer Pockets Allow Skates to Dry
Roomy Middle Pocket Can Store Your Jacket
Tons of Colors/Patterns Available - Call!
Only $49.99!