"Safe Skating" for Beginners

Our FUN course for kids ages 2-10

-Five 45-minute classes
-Use of Skate Mates during class
-Regular (quad) roller skate rental
-Inline skate (rollerblade) rental
-Admission to the public skating sessions immediately following classes
-A brand new pair of QUALITY BEGINNER SKATES after "graduation"!

Learn the basics!
*Putting on skates
*Skating forward
*Falling safely
*Getting back up confidently

Practice fun games!
*Cone Slalom
*Chicken Dance
*Baby Shark

Lessons are a great chance for kids to build confidence on skates with other beginners on the skating floor. Classes are small, and parents are even allowed to walk on their skating floor alongside their children.  Kids can decide whether to learn on regular roller skates or inline skates (or both!).

We are hopeful to be able to resume lessons in the fall. Stay tuned for 
more information!

Sign up the next time you're skating, call us at 724 537-8541,
or send us a FB message to secure your spot for the fall

              Phone: 724-537-8541    GPS: 2914 Ligonier Street, Latrobe, PA