Another dreaded C word...Covid 
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Please be patient with us as we navigate in this new business, during these trying times. We will be following the guidelines set forth by the CDC to help limit the spread of Covid-19. We will be taking extra precautions cleaning, by having a staff member dedicated to cleaning protocols. We do ask that all our patrons wear a mask, and wash hands regularly. Obviously if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who has been, please stay home. We will be asking all of our guests who are not eating and drinking to utilize the benches around the skating floor so that the limited space in the concession area can be used for those who wish to eat. We are also asking that you do not leave your table until your food and drinks are completely finished. Unfortunately, if we see them sitting on a table, we will be forced to throw them away immediately. Also, no more gum please!!! (We had to clean enough gum off the bottom of the tables and benches to feed an entire army!) Also, we ask that food and drinks be kept in the concession area only. The only exception to this are bottled beverages.
As far as rentals go, please try to know your size before renting skates. If you have to try them on, that's okay. We just have to take them out of the rotation to be cleaned once they were tried on. Also, it is being recommended to us to have our renters wear high socks.

Parents, can you please discuss these measures with your children prior to arriving? 
If any restrictions get lifted, we will update and change our procedures as we are able! 
Now more than ever, our main goal is to let the kids have F-U-N! 
We're all in this together...